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A New Personality Assessment Designed to Make Teams More Effective.

Built by world-leading psychologists and developed within one of the world’s most successful companies.

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Self Discovery

Empower employees to learn more about themselves.

1:1 Comparisons

Improve relationships and communications by comparing team member results.

Team Visualizations

Reflect on the composition of your team to understand how you’re similar and different, where you complement each other best, and where your team might improve. 

Great for:

Team-building Activities / Workshops

Hiring / New Employee Integration

Building More Effective Teams

1. Team members take the assessment

Easy setup allows you to provide team members with access to the test via email or SSO.

2. Everyone gets their individual in-depth report based on the latest personality science

Team members will learn about the archetypes they are most like and gain a deep understanding of how they prefer to think, engage, and apply themselves across 17 core dimensions.

3. Team members can see each other’s test results and do 1:1 comparisons

Colleagues get valuable insights into how to engage most effectively.

4. The creation of custom groups unlock dynamic team visualizations

Personality type clusters and full team comparisons, across cognitive, interpersonal and motivational dimensions, provide intelligence that can be used to inform team development, design and hiring.

NEW! Team profiles explore how an existing or prospective group of people compare to team archetypes constructed to excel in Sales, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Risk Management, Competition, Problem Solving, Customer Focus and Creativity.

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Explore the Science

PrinciplesUs combines best-in-class assessment frameworks, the latest personality science, and practical and proven insights from decades of business experience. Learn about our contributors or read our methodology.
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Get Certified

Through our PrinciplesUs certification program, we provide the training and tools needed to effectively administer PrinciplesUs to teams of all sizes. In our Foundations Workshop (which takes place over the course of two half-day virtual/live sessions) you will learn about the science and research behind the assessment, how to interpret assessment results, and how to help teams leverage the insights the test provides to improve relationships and maximize team potential.
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