Leaders can create and foster a culture of growth that unlocks team performance with the PrinciplesUs platform.

PrinciplesUs gives individuals and teams a way to discuss and leverage preferences and differences to cultivate an inclusive environment.​

The Latest Personality Science

PrinciplesUs combines research from the newest personality science with decades of insights from high-performing teams.

Deep Understanding of Teams

Business leaders benefit from the PrinciplesUs platform by gaining a richer understanding of how their teams work together to achieve shared goals.

Practical, Actionable Insights

Immediately apply these insights to build better teams and improve overall performance.

The PrinciplesUs platform creates an extensive picture of each person’s personality. With PrinciplesUs, teams can gain a better understanding of one another, leading to improved collaboration and productivity. Accurate self-knowledge is the key to building meaningful relationships, whether at work or in life.

Self Discovery.

Self Discovery

Empower employees to learn more about themselves.

One to One

1:1 Comparisons

Improve relationships and communications by exploring similarities and differences.


Team Visualizations

Reflect as a group to understand how to optimize your differences. 

PrinciplesUs enables a deeper understanding of people, how they interact, and how they can work more effectively together. The tools promote:

  • Clear communication 
  • A way to make the most of different perspectives 
  • A culture of continuous development to unlock peak performance.

Build trust and unlock team performance through a facilitated workshop.

The PrinciplesUs Team Building Workshop is a hands-on experience that gives you a rich picture of your team’s dynamics and how to interact most effectively to achieve shared goals.  The Workshop is anchored by the Principles assessment which provides the foundation for the participants’ learning of how they can collaborate with others more effectively by understanding and appreciating personality differences.

Workshops are great for:

  • Building team trust
  • Finding team strengths 
  • Unlocking team performance
Dot Collector Logo

Turn colleagues into trusted coaches, creating a continuous development culture.

The Dot Collector empowers collaboration and inclusivity, builds trust, creates transparency and promotes high performing teams. Dots are systematically collected and shared so you can make adjustments in the moment and learn from them over time. The Dot Collector empowers employees to help each other reach their highest potential.

Dot Collector is great for:

  • Team collaboration and inclusivity 
  • Empowering employees

Improve Employee Performance and Team Dynamics

Companies using PrinciplesUs tools and workshops to improve employee’s self-awareness and team development saw the following changes 


increase in clear understanding of personal strengths and growth areas (65% of employees pre-program to 89% post).


increase in understanding team strengths and gaps, and practical strategies for how to work together most effectively (42% pre-program to 82% post). 


of people reported having a deeper understanding of others’ perspectives to enhance team alignment than prior to the program.

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