For Our Team, Cultivating Meaningful Work and Meaningful Relationships is More than a Tagline

"Meaningful relationships are invaluable for building and sustaining a culture of excellence because they create the trust and support that people need to push each other to do great things." — Ray Dalio - Principles: Life & Work

We are a Team of Lifetime Learners and Thought Partners

Principles is an organization filled with people who think independently, argue open-mindedly and assertively, and above all else value the intense pursuit of truth and excellence, and through it, the rapid improvement of themselves and the organization.

Don’t hire people just to fit the first job they will do; hire people you want to share your life with.

We look for people with generous natures and high standards of fairness. Most important, they must be able to put their egos aside and assess themselves candidly.

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A group of team members posing together on a hike through the woods

For any group or organization to function well, its work principles must be aligned with its members’ life principles.

These are some of the shared principles that drive our team:

Evolving is life’s greatest accomplishment and its greatest reward
Be open-minded and transparent
Identify and don’t tolerate problems
It is okay to make mistakes and unacceptable not to learn from them
Think like an owner
Appreciate the art of thoughtful disagreement

Our values naturally lead us to embrace diversity and treasure our differences.

Our vision for Principles is an employee, customer, and stakeholder experience that uniquely embodies diversity, equity, and inclusion. We aspire to be an organization that’s diversity mirrors that of our customers and the broader talent landscape so that we can provide the best possible products, services and overall experience for our customers.

These are some of the values we strive to live by:

Meaningful Work & Meaningful Relationships
A commitment to creating a space where people belong, can be themselves and engage their best selves in our work together.
Inclusion and Diversity of Thought
In order to be an idea meritocracy where the best ideas win, we aim to have everyone’s voice heard and work through diverse opinions and perspectives in an open and equitable way.
A Growth Mindset
We are committed to constantly learning (and unlearning) how we can do better through the perspectives and experiences of those in our community and outside it.

Here are a few priorities we are currently focused on:

Diversifying & creating more equity in our hiring practices
Building a more inclusive organization and learning together
Offering career growth opportunities & development practices for everyone
Incorporating employee voices and engaging experts outside to help us along this journey
Providing best-in-class leaders with the training and expertise needed to support this work

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We are a remote first team offering a full range of benefits including premium health insurance and 401K matching.