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Developed by leading psychometricians, under the oversight of Ray Dalio, PrinciplesUs brings together the best of a number of personality profile tests to create an extensive picture of each person’s thinking preferences.  PrinciplesUs helps teams better understand themselves and each other, to enable them to work more effectively together.  Accurate self-knowledge is the key to building meaningful relationships — whether at work or in life.

Build trust and unlock team performance through a facilitated workshop.

The PrinciplesUs Team Building Workshop is a hands-on experience that gives you a rich picture of your team’s dynamics and how to interact most effectively to achieve shared goals.  The Workshop is anchored by the Principles assessment which provides the foundation for the participants’ learning of how they can collaborate with others more effectively by understanding and appreciating personality differences.

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Turn colleagues into trusted coaches, creating a continuous development culture.

The Dot Collector empowers collaboration and inclusivity, builds trust and creates transparency, and promotes high performing teams.  Dots are systematically collected and shared so you can make adjustments in the moment and learn from them over time.  The Dot Collector empowers employees to help each other reach their highest potential.

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