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Get curated access to technology and consulting solutions that enhance team dynamics with the latest personality science.

Create a culture of growth for your clients, building on the Principles Assessment created by Ray Dalio, Dr. Adam Grant, Dr. Brian Little, and Dr. John Golden. 


About the PrinciplesUs Platform

The latest personality science

PrinciplesUs combines research from the newest personality science with decades of insights from high-performing teams.

Deep understanding of team dynamics

Business leaders benefit from the PrinciplesUs platform by gaining a richer understanding of how their teams work together to achieve shared goals.

Practical, actionable insights

Organizations can apply these insights with coaches to build better teams and improve performance against business goals.

Create an additional revenue stream and grow your brand by including a team dynamics platform to your practice.

Business leaders want:

With PrinciplesUs, you can:

Organizational design

Help them determine if they have the right people in the right roles to execute their business strategy

New project team design

Balance teams based on the right behavioral makeup to achieve desired outcomes

Better ways of conducting 1:1s with direct reports

Calibrate their management style to the needs of their people and unlock their mentorship potential

Managers working with teams on personal development and career pathing

Advance your clients’ careers with self-awareness around unique strengths and address/improve areas of weakness

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PrinciplesUs adds:

  • A scientifically valid personality assessment for individuals and teams which combines best-in-class assessment frameworks, the latest personality science, and practical and proven insights
  • A high-quality, subscription-based platform to your offerings to better serve clients and create a new revenue stream for your firm
  • A talent management practice to your firm and help unblock the people side of your client’s organization
  • A strategic talent advisory to your tactical offerings

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