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Enhance team dynamics with the PrinciplesUs personality insights platform.

Teams function at their highest level with better self-awareness and understanding of each other.


Empower your team to learn more about themselves.

1:1 Comparisons

Improve relationships and communications by exploring similarities and differences.

Team Visualizations

Reflect as a group to understand how to optimize your differences. 


Accurate self-knowledge is the key to achieving goals.

Within the platform and based on their assessment results, each team member will discover their tendencies, talents, and opportunities for growth, pointing the way toward maximizing their potential.

How you

Prefer to Think

Learn about your approach to thinking, which can reveal what type of work you might prefer, at which aspects of a job you are more likely to excel, and how you tend to approach and solve problems.

How you

Engage with Others

Learn how you engage with others. Understanding your natural inclinations can help you get the most out of your relationships with people.

How you

Apply Yourself

Learn how you manage and apply yourself as challenges are faced, how ambitiously you set goals for yourself, how you cope with setbacks and failure, and how you leverage these experiences to grow.

1:1 Comparisons

Strong interpersonal relationships drive results.

The PrinciplesUs platform will show individuals how their results relate to their teammates to get invaluable insights into their relationships and how to engage most effectively.

Team Visualizations

Build the foundation of strong team dynamics.

The PrinciplesUs platform allows leaders and individuals to reflect on the composition of the whole team to understand similarities and differences, where they complement each other, and where the team might improve.

Work better together.

PrinciplesUs provides insights that help you

Understand the best tasks for your team members

Build better teams

Enhance team dynamics to improve collaboration and performance

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