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Team workshops that build trust and unlock team performance.

The team workshop, coupled with the PrinciplesUs assessment, accelerates how teams collaborate by understanding and appreciating their personality differences.

Building Transparent Teams

Vulnerability in the workplace takes years of practice, experience, and confidence built over time. Yet, it is vital in creating team cohesion. A lack of transparency amongst teams hinders how they function and ultimately achieve goals.

For leaders and teams looking to create a culture of continuous improvement, the team building workshop can help them gain a deeper perspective on each other and work better together.

This hands-on experience gives a richer picture of team dynamics and a how-to guide to interacting more effectively to achieve shared goals.

Workshops yield consistent outcomes

Build ongoing growth by leveraging the learnings

76% are more comfortable sharing their perspectives openly post-workshop.

Create team cohesion through honest conversation

75% of participants gave more feedback to their peers and leaders post-workshop.

Optimize personality differences for better results

77% of participants better understood others’ perspectives to enhance team alignment post-workshop.

"The workshops are such a great learning tool and I always take away so much useful information. We strive for continuous improvement. Principles has helped us shape and accelerate what that looks like by giving us a deeper understanding of ourselves & our organization."

VP of Account Management, Cielo Properties Group

What to expect with a team workshop

As unique as our personalities are, so are the PrinciplesUs team workshops.

The team workshops include:

  • A session with a certified PrinciplesUs facilitator
  • Curated activities and reflection prompts
  • A foundational understanding of what personality science is and isn’t
  • An annual subscription to the PrinciplesUs platform with guidance from an expert

By working with a PrinciplesUs expert, leaders and teams will gain more in-depth knowledge of their current team dynamics, specifically how to build on the existing strengths and areas of improvement.

Workshops are customized to your team’s data.

The PrinciplesUs facilitator will analyze the assessment results and view the team from a behavioral perspective, which serves as the foundation of the workshop.

During this workshop, teams and facilitators will dive into detailed cross-team analytics around the traits reflected in the PrinciplesUs assessment, along with an in-depth discussion of how that applies to your team.


How it works

1. Kickoff

Meet with a facilitator and key stakeholders to uncover goals and ideal outcomes, current team dynamics, and any additional information.

2. Build

The Certified Principles Facilitator will build a session to support those agreed-upon outcomes.

3. Welcome

We provide leaders with a team welcome email and additional resources, introduce the group to PrinciplesUs, send the assessment, and get everyone on the same page.

4. Analyze

Team assessments should be taken two weeks before the workshop, so the facilitator can analyze the data and trends, to create a one-of-a-kind workshop.

Build a culture of ongoing growth

Managing your team dynamics is not a one-time event. Continue to develop team dynamics with an annual subscription to the PrinciplesUs team platform, included in your workshop package.

How You're Similar and Different

Where You Compliment Each Other

Where Your Team Might Improve

The best leaders allow team members to play to their strengths.

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