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PrinciplesUs Foundations Certification Workshop

Principles foundational certification program empowers professionals to administer our assessment. The insights provided by this program will give you a deeper understanding of your people, your teams, and how to use that understanding to enable your organization to be most effective.

You'll learn more about:

  • The Importance of understanding personality
  • The Science and Research behind our assessment built by Ray Dalio and a team of world-class psychometricians
  • How to interpret assessment results to help individuals and teams improve relationships in life and work and maximize their potential

Our Foundations Workshop takes place over the course of two half-day virtual/live sessions.

With pre- and post-work for a total time commitment of ~12 hours.

Our preparatory content, which we ask that you complete prior to the workshop, includes materials on the research behind PrinciplesYou/Us, the construction of the assessment, and basic interpretation of the assessment scales.

Day 1

Personality Assessment Fundamentals (~4 hrs)

Teaches you about our personality assessment and how to interpret the nuances of personality results with a deepdive into the PrinciplesYou report, construction, and interpretation of scales.

High-Level Agenda

  • Background on PrinciplesUs traits (including relationship to Big 5 personality traits & research)
  • Use of personality assessments at work and in life
  • Understanding the nuances of personality results - deepdive into the PrinciplesUs report, construction & interpretation of scales

Day 2

Workshop Facilitation & Coaching with PrinciplesUs (~4 hrs)

Introduces our software-as-a-service platform PrinciplesUs with its 1:1 comparison tool and team dynamics visualization capabilities to train you on specific workshop modules to conduct. After the workshop we test your general knowledge and facilitation techniques with a capstone written exam and mocks.

High-Level Agenda

  • PrinciplesUs features overview and deepdive into 1:1 comparison tool and team dynamics visuals
  • Training on specific workshop modules to conduct
  • Providing personality feedback to assessment takers and teams within your organization.
    • Highlighting team strengths and risks/gaps
    • Using PrinciplesUs scales and archetypes to interpret team-specific role types and specific fits and guidance for each type
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Additional Offerings

Private Engagements

If you are connected to an organization and are interested in training staff in the context of a broader enterprise engagement with Principles, we offer targeted packages for training and certification. If you are interested in exploring these alternative formats, please fill out the following inquiry form or contact

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On-Demand Learning

  • Get certified on your own schedule

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Advanced Learning Modules

  • Relationship between P.Us and other standard assessments (e.g. MBTI, DISC, Enneagram, Hogan)
  • Specific team types and contexts for coaching (e.g. leadership focus)